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Whether your property already has a website or that your project is starting from scratch with GardaPoint you have a partner to properly attend the Web with a low cost solution! We provide a responsive and multilingual website with the possibility of integrating a Booking Engine to receive requests for quotes, availability and reservations directly from your site at ZERO commission costs!

Have a look at our Services:

Responsive Website for your business, scalable, cost effective and tailor-made to your real needs.
499,00 399,00 and the site is yours forever!Read more

Integrate a booking engine in your website and start receiving direct bookings without paying commissions. The best market offer designed to meet your real needs … Read more

PMS/Property Management System

"All-in-One" solution and Property Management System

One software to manage all the main functions:
Booking Engine + Channel Manager + PMS software and a Website available upon request.

We can take care of your presence and sales on the main online booking portals. Reduce costs with an outsourced sales management. We will think at your online sale and you can focus on services and hospitality … Read more

Channel Manager. Save time (and money) managing availability and prices of all your online travel agencies directly from one dashboard! Avoid rates mistakes and overbooking!…Read more

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