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SAMPLE SITE for B&B/Hotel/Apartments etc....

ideal solution for B&B, Apartments, House Reantals and small Hotel

your Website

only € 499,00

and it will be yours forever!

Have a look to the DEMO site. If you like it and would like to have a similar one with your customization just send us texts, images, and eventual translations. Tell us about the colours you would prefer and you will get your website in maximum 5 working days.

Designed with WORDPRESS

We use the most pervasive CMS in the world implemented with the easy site builder "ELEMENTOR". In this way you have the possibility, if you want, to manage independently some specific areas of your site in order to have a dynamic solution and the chance to work on it without a specific IT competence or need of technical support.

All Inclusive
€ 499,00

  • Domain is included ( ".it" o ".com")
  • Hosting included
  • safety standards "HTTPS" / "SSL"
  • up to 4 e-Mail boxes
  • Responsive Website
  • infinite pages ( 10 pages already included!)
  • Multilanguages (system supports up to 10 languages)
  • GoogleMap ready
  • Contact Form
  • self Managed Area (for texts and images)
  • WordPress already uploaded and installed

No penalty in case of withdrawal or renewal obligation. The Site is yours and will remain yours forever. You can choose whether to renew the services with us (and therefore annuale support  with Domain + hosting + mailing + wordPress) or whether to manage your site by yourself with WordPress.

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verifica disponibilita' e migliori tariffe!

Compila il form e ricevi la nostra migliore offerta!

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